Condominium Associations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are a very large condominium association. Do you manage large properties like ours?

A: Yes, we manage condominium associations of all sizes, including properties well over 100 units in size.

Q: We are a very small condominium association. Do you manage small properties like ours?

A: Yes, we have an administrative services program that is suitable for small condominium associations. With this program, we do most of the things that can be done from our office (bookkeeping, phone calls, collection of dues, etc.). In addition, our maintenance staff is available to you as well. Full service management is also available to smaller associations. Please call us for more information.

Q: Do you offer automatic withdrawl for condo payments?

A: We work with Smartstreet to provide automatic withdrawl for Associations that want to offer this service to it's residents. The bank may charge the Association a monthly fee (usually less than $50) to make this service available to it's residents. In addition, there may be a small transaction fee for each payment made.

Q: What do you charge for your management services?

A: The management fee can vary considerably from one condominium association to the next, and is based on how much work it is to manage the property. We are happy to provide a free management proposal for you. Please contact our office for more information.

Q: We currently have a property management company, but are unhappy with them. Are you any better?

A: Our experience is that the #1 complaint that associations have about their property managers is a lack of responsiveness. This happens because some management companies have a tendancy to overload the property managers with too many properties, or they hire people who aren't good at juggling multiple tasks.

We avoid this problem in several ways: First, we do not overload our property managers beyond what they can handle. Second, rather than assigning an association exclusively to one manager, we manage properties in teams. That way if someone is busy, sick, or on vacation, there are other knowledgeable people who can take care of issues. Each association has a primary property manager, but they are always backed up by other people.

Q: Do you attend our monthly/quarterly/annual board meetings?

A: We attend the board meetings for all of our full service management customers, including the associations annual meeting. Our job at the meetings includes bringing matters to the attention of the Board, offering professional advice, getting decisions on various issues, and providing information needed in the decision-making process.

Q: Will you be coordinating the contractors that perform work for us?

A: Under our full service management plan, we coordinate the work of all contractors. This includes gathering bids, offering advice to the Board in the selection of a vendor, and monitoring their work to make sure it is complete and of good quality.

Q: We have a swimming pool. Will your staff be maintaining it?

A: Unless your association has on-site staff, we generally advise that you find one or more volunteers among the residence to perform the daily maintenance of the pool chemical levels. As it needs to be done twice per day, this is a much more cost effective option. We can train residents to perform this job, however, and if needed our maintenance staff can do the job.

Annual maintenance (startup and shutdown) and repairs need to be performed by a qualified pool contractor.