Subdivision Homeowner's Associations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer automatic withdrawl for HOA fees?

A: We work with Smartstreet to provide automatic withdrawl for HOAs that want to offer this service to it's residents. The bank may charge the HOA a monthly fee (usually less than $50) to make this service available to it's residents. In addition, there may be a small transaction fee for each payment made.

Q: What do you charge for your management services?

A: The management fee can vary considerably from one homeowner's association to the next, and is based on how much work it is to manage the property. We are happy to provide a free management proposal for you. Please contact our office for more information.

Q: We currently have a property management company, but are unhappy with them. Are you any better?

A: Our experience is that the #1 complaint that associations have about their property managers is a lack of responsiveness. This happens because some management companies have a tendancy to overload the property managers with too many properties, or they hire people who aren't good at juggling multiple tasks.

We avoid this problem in several ways: First, we do not overload our property managers beyond what they can handle. Second, rather than assigning an association exclusively to one manager, we manage properties in teams. That way if someone is busy, sick, or on vacation, there are other knowledgeable people who can take care of issues. Each association has a primary property manager, but they are always backed up by other people.