Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you charge for your management services?

A: The management fee can vary considerably from one property to the next, and is based on how much work it is to manage the property. We are happy to provide a free management proposal for you. Please contact our office for more information.

Q: Do you manage single family homes?

A: Yes, we do. We manage a large number of single-family homes. Give us a call and we will put together a proposal for you.

Q: Are you able to handle evictions?

A: Yes. We provide tenants with a 5-day grace period, at which time we send out 5-day notices. After this expires we will evaluate the tenant's history and consult with you regarding the eviction process. We cannot represent you in court but we work with attorneys who specialize in this. Relatively few evictions progress to the point of having the Sheriff having to physically remove the occupant -- usually they leave before that point.

Q: I can't afford management, can I?

A: Actually you can't afford NOT to have management. Professionally managed properties have higher rents and lower vacancy rates. This usually offsets the cost of management, plus you don't need to deal with the headaches.

Q: If you manage my property, how do I keep an eye on my money?

A: You will receive monthly statements detailing all of your income and expenditures. In addition, you can establish a threshold amount for repairs, above which we will consult with you.

Q: I am trying to sell my property. Can you manage it until it sells?

A: Yes, and if you like we can help you sell it. We are a full service real estate broker with a large network of investors who may be interested in your property. Plus it is easier to work with one company for both management and sales.

Q: Do you have a maintenance staff?

A: Yes, we have a team of maintenance professionals that can handle most aspects of maintaining your property. In the event that a repair requires a licensed contractor, we work with an assortment of vendors who provide these services at reasonable rates.

Q: I would like to do my own maintenance. Can you accommodate this?

A: Yes, but we don't recommend it. The problem is that it can create situations where we need to get maintenance completed (such as when a tenant is moving in) but we have no control over it. Your property will run more smoothly and your tenants will be happier when maintenance is under the control of your property manager.

Q: I don't want to fix up my rental unit until you have found a tenant for it. Is this OK?

A: No! Think about how a car lot operates. Do they put cars out that are dirty and in obvious need of repair? No -- they wash them and make sure they are in good condition to attract buyers and get the best price. Also, ask yourself if you want the kind of tenant that is willing to commit to a unit that needs extensive repairs.