Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've been evicted by a previous landlord. Can I still rent an apartment from you?

A: No. We do not accept tenants with a history of evictions from other properties.

Q: Am I allowed to have a pet?

A: Pets are permitted at some of our properties, but not at all of them. Please talk to your leasing agent or property manager about the pet policy at your property.

Q: Can I use my security deposit as my last rent payment?

A: No. Your security deposit is used to cover any damages that may have happened during your tenancy. It cannot be used for your final rent payment.

Q: What is the minimum income requirement to rent a unit?

A: Most properties require a monthly income of no less than three (3) times the monthly rent for the unit.

Q: Can I fill out an application before viewing the apartment?

A: No. We require that you view the property first. This way we don't waste time processing an application if you decide that you do not want the unit.

Q: What criteria are used to evaluate a rental application?

A: We look at a number of factors, including employment history, rental history, credit worthiness, criminal background, and amount (and proof) of income.